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Welcome to the Lighting Guide. An informative and comprehensive site aimed at answering any questions you might have regarding lighting. This guide will include general information about the different types and characteristics of lighting. It will help you in your decision to choose the perfect lighting for your home and all around. If there is something specific you would like to know about, feel free to email us your questions, we work with leading experts to provide you with accurate and up to date source for lighting.

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to add drama and interest to a room. Most of the time the decision about the type of lighting that will be used in a room is determined when a home is built. However, through the process of redecorating a room or the entire house many lighting projects can help to redefine the allure of the desired area. Also there is a great importance on the type of lighting that is used to light the outside of the house.

Here are some types of lighting that this site will contain information about:

Outdoor Lighting: Most of the time the type of lighting that we use for the outdoors is related directly to the security and safety of our homes and surroundings. Our entrances, walkways and steps need to have the right lighting in order to prevent any accidents. By and large, the minimum lighting required for the exterior of a house is a light mounted to one side of every exterior door. A post light near driveways and a lantern on both sides of the door could also help. A brass wall lantern is one the most common outdoor fixtures, however because it is rust resistant cast aluminum is also favored.

Landscape Lighting: This type of lighting is what will enhance the ambiance of your property. Low-voltage landscape lighting of trees, shrubs and flowers will give the best effect. Low voltage lighting uses only 12 volts of electricity and is safe to install. Light fixtures are an important component to complete a landscape lighting job. Light fixtures are the holder, protector or the decorative holder for the light bulb. There are 5 main types of fixtures that will help in the process of lighting : Area, Directional, Compact Fluorescent, Path and Specialty. Each giving a specific touch to the decor of the landscape.

Lighting Fixtures: There are many types of lighting fixtures. The primary ones, nevertheless, are the ceiling fixtures and the outdoor fixtures. Both of these types bring a special atmosphere to the area that is being enlightened. All types of ceiling fixtures such as pendants, swags and chandeliers provide excellent general room illumination. The outdoor fixtures can be chosen depending on the section that needs to be illuminated , it could be a path, a tree etc. Occasionally only one part of the landscape will be illuminated to attract the attention to that specific spot.

Track Lighting: How you choose to enhance the luminosity of one of your rooms can be a difficult task. Some people think that lighting is simply adding more light to a room without caring much about how the illumination will be done. In many cases, rearranging the placement and intensity of the light sources provides a new look and increases functionality. Track lighting, which is a system of individual lamps fit into tracks secured to your ceiling, is an effective way of saving space and rearranging the spot lights to give the desired look to the room. The advantage of the track lighting is that they can be installed without remodeling since they use the existing ceiling junction box.

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