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Bathroom Lighting

Most people neglect bathroom lighting since they consider that part of the house as being unimportant and do not see the use in spending money in a room where…well, we all know what happens in that room. However, as times are changing more focus is given to the bathroom in view of the fact that more accessories are being added to that room. Spa tubs and steam showers are some examples of the most recent "embellishments" of the bathroom.

A good lighting plan is a series of layers which consist of placing ample light where it is needed for showers, shaving, or putting on makeup, for instance, while other light sources enhance the overall mood of the room. When choosing the bathroom light you have to start by deciding which part of the room will provide most of the luminosity. Frequently, vanity lighting gets most importance because it supplies the lighting for the head and face for grooming. However, people make the typical error of installing ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror which cast shadows on the face making it hard to see correctly. To avoid making that mistake, vertical fixtures or sconces should be placed on both sides of the mirror, this will supply more light except for the shadows. Also, in addition to the vanity lighting providing a light fixture to the center of the room will make a small room brighter and will enhance the decoration chosen for the bathroom. The selection of bulbs requires attention.

Halogen bulbs are the best choice since they provide white light, a feature that makes the skin tones most accurately. These bulbs cost a few dollars more than the standard bulbs but last three times as much. You might also want to consider a dimmer for they give total control on the light of the room and therefore setting the right mood as well. When taking into account the bathroom lighting never neglect the importance of safety. By no means reduce safety by the look of the bathroom. Consult a certified electrician before starting any major changes with the lighting, water with electricity is not a harmless combination


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