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Choosing lighting for your home is more than the positioning of lighting fixtures in various rooms so you can see in the dark. The total look and feel of each room can be decided upon the choice you will make when lighting your house. By using various lighting techniques or using different lighting fixtures you can create a look that will satisfy your requirements.

The primary lighting fixtures are the ceiling and the outdoor fixtures. As a general fact, ceiling fixtures provide a great amount of light in any room, consequently if the room that needs to be illuminated has a great area this particular type of fixture would be the perfect option. However, to enhance a specific area with illumination, pendants are the best choice. When illuminating stairs with ceiling fixtures it is important to include lighting at the top and bottom of the staircase and to have switches in both places to ensure security and prevent any accidents.

Ceiling fixtures use regular wattage that can vary from 100 to 200 watts, however in high-ceiling rooms (more than 8 feet) and in places where the decor tends to be darker it is suggested to use 200-400 wattage bulbs. The main benefit from having a ceiling light, especially in the kitchen, is that different apparatus can be added, such as a fan in the case of the kitchen light. Once again, it all depends on your needs and on the type of interior decoration that you would like to accomplish.

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