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Landscape Lighting

When choosing landscape lighting many choices of lighting exist to help you accomplish your desired look or simply the main purpose: security and safety. To decide where the landscape lighting fixtures need to be organized you must choose at least two points of attention in order to focus the luminosity in those points. It makes it easier and more attractive so see and it becomes the center piece of your landscape.

The rest of the landscape lighting will have to be set out around your central site. To illuminate walls, pazebos or garden ponds your best choice will be floodlighting since it is the best way to light up a broad assortment of features. Furthermore, to illuminate paths or driveways to assure excellent visibility path lighting is the type of landscape lighting that you require.

There are 5 types of landscape lighting that can help you with your selection of fixtures.

The first one is the Area fixture (AL). This fixture is an indirect light source having a large distribution of light on the ground or surface. This fixture is commonly used for driveways, isolated planters or perimeter illumination.

The second one is a Directional fixture (DL). This fixture projects light into a given direction that has aiming capabilities. Usually the DL fixture is used for flood lighting (signs, walls, hedges and security) and spot lighting flag poles, palm trees or statuary objects).

The next landscape lighting fixture is the Compact Fluorescent (FFL). This is a soft, extremely wide angled light source used for flood or general lighting. It offers extremely effectiveness and exceptional lamp life.

A Path fixture (PL) is an indirect light source outputting a smaller allocation of light (compared to area lighting). This landscape lighting is normally used for small alleyways or doorways, potted plants or planters and anywhere you need safe transition to and from an area.

Finally you will find the Specialty fixtures (SL). These fixtures are used for special installations, including hanging, surface underwater and step/brick lighting.

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